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“Donald Trump, you should have expected us.” LOL


Comparisons with Hitler, this is setting up for a major clash.


The YouTube comments are already piling up too.


And plenty of action on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/opwhiterose


Adele – Hello


Adele is becoming one of the top video stars on YouTube.


UPDATE 20 January, 2016:

Well we certainly do pick the nest new youtube videos on this website. This one is a record breaker. Adele has completely smashed PSY’s (remember Gangnam Style? – the first video to hit one billion views) record. She took only 88 days to get one billion views. He took 159 days – almost twice as long. Here’s the story:









An altercation at gate C30 at DFW airport. It appears that a man, possibly under the influence of drugs, takes a dislike to another man whom he assumes to be gay. It looks like the alleged gay man then takes a picture of the man harassing him. Then things escalate. When things turn violent several members of the public step in immediately to prevent it going any further.

It appears that one member of the public was injured, possibly breaking his ankle (listen for the noise 1 minute and 22 seconds into the video). He appears to be walking fine when he intervenes but later is seen in a wheelchair with one shoe removed.

One of the passengers who intervened has been identified as actor Paul Rudd who stared in films such as Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and TV shows such as Parks and Recreation.

Update Oct 27th: Paul Rudd denies that he was one of the passengers who intervened, another story, and another story. But in this story the denial is still questioned.