Justin Timberlake and 25,000 fans sing Happy Birthday to 8 year old boy with Autism!





An eight year old boy attends a Justin Timberlake concert as his birthday present. The crowd around him makes enough noise that Justin Timberlake hears, and he sings happy birthday to the boy.

The story is supplemented by a very moving description of the night by the child’s mother.



Controversial CHEERIOS commercial



Crazily this is controversial because it features an inter-racial family – namely a black father, a white mother, and a biracial daughter.


The original video on YouTube is now private:


The original video immediately drew the normal troll behavior and racist slurs. For a commentary on that see, for example, here and here.


Here’s another Cheerios advert featuring the same family. It was produced for the SuperBowl 8 months after the original advertisement:




It is amazing how this can be so controversial when 14.6% of new marriages in the USA in 2008 were inter-racial according to research from the Pew Research Center (pdf).


This has given rise to the “We are the 15 Percent” movement.


Also on tumblr






And plenty of commentary here: