Adele – Hello


Adele is becoming one of the top video stars on YouTube.


UPDATE 20 January, 2016:

Well we certainly do pick the nest new youtube videos on this website. This one is a record breaker. Adele has completely smashed PSY’s (remember Gangnam Style? – the first video to hit one billion views) record. She took only 88 days to get one billion views. He took 159 days – almost twice as long. Here’s the story:






Justin Timberlake and 25,000 fans sing Happy Birthday to 8 year old boy with Autism!





An eight year old boy attends a Justin Timberlake concert as his birthday present. The crowd around him makes enough noise that Justin Timberlake hears, and he sings happy birthday to the boy.

The story is supplemented by a very moving description of the night by the child’s mother.